Nutritional Study of Anaemic Girls Amravati City

Pramod M. Band


Iron deficiency anaemia is the major nutritional disorder of public health significance in today's developing world with grave health hazards in young children girls and women of reproductive age. Hence, the study was conducted to determine the prevalence of anaemia, food habits, food and nutrient intake amongst 220 college going. It was found that 45.56 per cent respondents were anaemic as per WHO (2001). The maximum 54 per cent anaemic respondents were having mild form of anaemia, 44.per cent- moderate and only 2 per cent were severely anaemic. None of the respondents in both anaemic and non anaemic group met out the RDA for food stuffs and nutrients. The per cent adequacy of nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, vitamin 'C', folic acid and vitamin B12 was found to be less than RDA. It was concluded that dietary modifications and nutrition counselling is essential to prevent anaemia in girls, would be mothers of the nation.


Amravati, Anaemic Girls, Nutrition

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