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Background: Hepatitis-B is a disease which is becoming vulnerable and contributing a large man power as well as economical loss worldwide. It is a serious and common infectious disease of the liver affecting millions of people worldwide. The best way to culminate it, is, creating awareness about the disease and administration of vaccination in the general population, in children through immunization schedule. The present study focuses to see the level of vaccination status of the population of Bangalore city.

Objectives: The main objective of the study the prevalence of HB vaccination status of the Patients Attending National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore.

Materials and Methods: The present study was a hospital based cross-sectional study. In this study every 10th patient from the registration register of NIUM hospital was taken and enquired about the HB vaccination, till the statistically calculated sample size of 903 was obtained.

Results: The study revealed that the people of Bangalore city, which is counted among the cities having high literacy rates in India, merely 15 i.e. 2% out of 903 people had found vaccinated against HB virus infection.

Conclusion: In the present the study 15 i.e. 2% out of 903 people were found vaccinated against HBV infection. The overall carrier rate is often quoted as 4.7% among the populations studies based on meta analysis. The outcome of this study shows that people of Bangalore city were not found much aware about the vaccination and are at high risk to develop and spread of the disease. More studies with larger sample size should be conducted to refine these results so that more awareness programs should be conducted to create the awareness among the people of Bangalore city.  



Keywords: Hepatitis B; HB vaccination; HB awareness, vaccination status.

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