Rape and Its Representation in Bollywood Movies

Rukmani Rukmani


Violence is an act of aggression and the expression of power, a means through which one seeks control over the other. Violence against women is the expression of power by the abuser over the body of women. Since time immemorial women across the regions, religions, classes, castes and communities are vulnerable to violence. Women is neither safe at home nor at public spaces. There are number of forms of violence that women experience in her daily life. As the title suggests in this paper I would like to focus upon Rape as a form of violence, particularly Marital Rape and its representation in Bollywood Movies. This paper argues that however movies can play a constructive role in generating awareness against the issues of violence against women but the way these issues are represented in bollywood movies they just reflect the patriarchal notion of society where woman is considered as weak, subordinated and submissive. In movies rape is represented as a crime of honour and not as violence.


Violence, Rape, Movies, Domestic Violence Act, Marital Rape.

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