Boniface Ebele Ewulum, Obinna Onyebuchi Mbanugo


Terrorism is an international crime, a menace which today forms one of the greatest concerns of private citizens, nations and even international community. It affords and exacerbates the problem of gross violations of human rights. Holding perpetrators of acts of terrorism  accountable for their actions is even of a greater concern. This is a serious problem which nations and international communities grapple with. The essence of this research is to expose and elucidate on the menace which will make for a better understanding of the effects, consequences and implications thereof. In the end it was found that terrorism though fraught with definitional issue, is also a crime under international law and perpetrators must be held responsible for their actions. It is acknowledged that the war against terrorism is one yet to be won. But that only when won can sustainable development be achieved.


Terrorism, Violation, Human Rights, International, Legal

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