An Appraisal of Prophetic Response to Cult and Cultic Practices in Israel

luke emeka ugwueye


Cultic practices in ancient Israel are of varying types but sacrifice is central to the religion of Judaism. As Israelite sacrificial practice was carried to excess, the prophets were on hand to rebuke this organized hypocrisy. Cultic practices today have similar unreasonableness and religious practitioners have much to learn from the prophets, the guardian and conscience of Judaic religion. If sacrifice and prayer are not motivated by sincere interior disposition, they are empty formalism, a mocking of true divine-human relationship. Outward display of religiosity without corresponding spiritual commitment is iniquitous. Cultic practices must, as a matter of necessity, match the conduct of religious people concerned in their daily life activities. This is the quintessential requirement of every religious practice.


appraisal, prophetic, Response, cult, cultic and practices

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