Rural Development in Uttar Pradesh through central Government Schemes

Ishrat Jahan


Rural development has always been an important issue in all discussions pertaining to economic development, especially of developing countries, throughout the world as well as in state of Uttar Pradesh. Rural development is a strategy designed to improve the economic and social life of rural poor. Rural Development is a process, which aims at improving the wellbeing and self-realization of people living outside the urbanized areas through collective process.  The all-round development of the country is possible only through the development of rural India. Uttar Pradesh, with a population of 16.62 crores as per 2001 Census, is the most populous State of the country. UP covers 2,40,928sq.kms. in which  rural area covers 234.37 Sq.Km. and urban covers 6.56 Sq.Km. and accounts for 7.3 percent of total area of the country which makes it the fifth largest State in the country. The main objective of Indian government since its independence is overall development of country. The Ministry of Rural Development is striving to bring about rapid and sustainable development and socio-economic transformation in rural sector with an integrated approach towards improving the quality of life of rural poor and ensuring equity and effective people’s participation.  Panchayati Raj Institutions have been introduced under the 73rd Amendment Act of the Constitution of India. The state government enacted the Uttar Pradesh act1947which did away with some defects of the earlier legislation. In year 1994, following the 73rd amendment Uttar Pradesh panchayat raj act came into force.  Rural Development includes measures to strengthen the democratic structure of society through the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and to improve the rural infrastructure, improve income of rural households and delivery systems pertaining to education, health & safety mechanisms. PRIs have launched various development schemes. Some schemes are sponsored by central government such as MNREGS, IAY, PMGSY, SGSY, RGGVY, NRHM and some scheme are sponsored by Uttar Pradesh state government like Ambedkar gram sabha vikas yojna, mahamaya garib balika aashirvad yojna, lohia aawas yojna, Uttar Pradesh Mukhya mantra Mahamaya Garib Arthik Madad Yojana etc. through these schemes Government of India seems to accomplish its dream of rural India’s development. A huge amount of funds is spent on the rural development by the government but this is not properly utilized. A huge difference is seeing between the funds sanctioned by the government and funds utilized by the Panchayats. It is a need to keep a strict watch over the utilization of funds by Gram Panchayats.


Rural Development, Central Government Schemes, Uttar Pradesh

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