Youth’s Perception towards Effective Modernization

Lubna J. Mansuri


“Change is the only thing which is constant in nature”. Hence this should be our guiding star to adhere and adapt changes primarily in ourselves and then with areas and people around us.

Education largely contributes to one’s thought process. If one is invested in knowledge his thought process enhances his horizons and paves the way to march ahead progressively. Education is the only vital factor which can balance any institution whether it would be one of marriage, one of society or one of religion. It is important to know the attitude of the young generation towards modernization; therefore the researcher felt the need to study this topic. The process of modernization is the only ingredient which adapts and welcomes any change with open arms.  

The major findings of the study are- There is a significant difference in the marriage dimension of modernization scores of commerce and arts. A significant difference was also observed between science and commerce. While no significant difference was observed in marriage dimension of modernization scores between arts and science. There is no significant difference in the education, position of women and socio- religious dimension of modernization scores of commerce and arts, science and commerce and arts and science. The youth of tomorrow are the future of any country and they are responsible towards the growth, development and progress of the nation.


Attitude towards Modernization, Dimensions of Modernization - Marriage, Education, Position of Women and Socio- religious dimension of modernization.

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