Opportunities and Threats to Development of Economic and Political Relations Between Iran and India (with Emphasis on Method of New Governments in Both Countries)

Tomaj Arian Kia


The political and cultural links between Iran and India return to ancient era. These two countries have several cultural and historical relations and intersections. Historical documents and evidences show that there are devotional links between two Indian and Iranian nations. The study of relations between Iran and India needs the recognition of their aims, their political, cultural and economical methods and revenue. Ever-increasing need of India toward Iran's role and energy to provide this necessity is cleared for everyone, but among all these matters, there are also challenging subjects in Iran and India's relations. The special occasion of Iran in international scene and strategic competition of Iran and America has caused the sensitivity of western governments and specially America toward approximation of Iran and India's relations. India has been one of the grounders and an important pole of nonalignment movement in the past bipolar world and Iran has been one of the actives of nonalignment movement before dissemination of bipolar society. It is expected that these two countries will change to one of the main pivots to figure the international prospective society based on their past traditions. Regarding the victory of Moody in India's elections and forming a pragmatic government in this country and setting out the government of Roohani in Iran which is a pragmatic government, the space is appropriate to reinforce party relations and in these circumstances, the approximation of Iran and India is completely reasonable in international and regional procedures. 

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