Anti-Semitism: a weapon of Zionism

mubasshir khan


As we are aware about the policies of Zionism, they are very opportunistic. They manipulate and make favorable any incident for their own purpose. Recent attack in Denmark in which two persons were killed, one of them was a Jew, member of Scandinavian countries of Jews community. After this attack Prime Minister Netanyahu invited all the diaspora Jews to come in Israel by saying that wave of anti-Semitism is again continue. Anti-Semitism is proved the best card for Israel’s policy. Whoever opposes the policy of Israel is being labeled anti-Semitic. In this article we examine how it proved the best card for Herzl in the past and today for Netanyahu. 


introduction, causes of anti-Semitism, Zionism’s anti-Semitism card, Herzl policy towards anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism and Holocaust violence, anti-Semitism: from holocaust to nowadays.

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