Agnihotra: A Holistic Energy System Affecting Plant Growth (Studies on some common Household plants)

Vasanti Limaye


The study on the effect of  ‘Agnihotra’ ( a Vedic Procedure for purifying atmosphere) on some household plants has shown that the polished grain vapour is stimulating the new shoot growth in plants, while the unpolished rice grain vapour is stimulating tap root growth. Agnihotra ash is stimulating root growth in presence of light. Addition of Agnihotra ash helped better growth in terms of larger surface area of the leaves.

Senescence was very fast in presence of polished grain vapour, while unpolished rice grain vapour helps in sustaining plants.

The effect of vapour on germination of Spinach seeds kept at various heights after sowing has shown that germination was fastest in the pot kept at the highest point within the easy reach of rising vapour.

Rapid cell-division was observed in presence of vapour of polished rice grains. Incidence of insect infestation of a flowering plant was also reduced to a great extent.

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