Digital Empowerment of Citizens in Rural India: Issues and Challenges

Avninder Singh Cheema


Digital India is the new mantra of the current central government of India. All the states and the union territories are also taking active part to make it a success and empower the citizens of the country to have access to information and computer technology (ICT) to get services in real time. The vision of Digital India has been centered on three key areas, one of which is digital empowerment of citizens of the country. Digital empowerment refers to the ability of an individual to use digital technologies. India being a geographically distributed country with large population living in rural areas along with many different languages spoken, the vision of digital India and digital empowerment may face many issues and challenges to get such a diverse nation on a single platform. Therefore, it is important to adopt different approach for each area and state. This review article is focused on the problems that can arise, especially in the rural areas of the country – which accounts for about 68% of total population of India.  The study also proposed some measures to overcome such obstacles so that the process of digital India is smoothly implemented.

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