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 Abstract  - After globalization, there is rapid growth of borderless marketing and the technology has grown to a good height. Manufacturers and consumers got wide opportunity for online shopping. Multinational companies and small enterprises are engaged in e-commerce and attracting consumers across the globe. Many consumers go for online shopping, became victim of misleading advertisement of goods and services, unilateral contract and market monopoly. There are many laws, but those are not properly implemented due to the jurisdictional issues. There is high need for appropriate action at international forum.



Key words: Consumer protection, consumerism, misleading advertisement, e-commerce, e-governance, online shopping, cyberspace, cyber law

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Sometimes through allurement or sometimes by strong argument, multinational companies are handling the circumstances to their end. Those are so difficult to be proved in the court of law. It can be marked that State Govt, approve licenses, to such corporate at the cost of public welfare. For example -State Government of Orissa leased 10 thousand acres of land to Vedanta Company near the capital for opening university. In India no university required such size of land. Such reservation of land creates environmental issues.

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Brazil government has created centralized IT Infrastructure to provide over 500 services which includes small claim courts. For detail please visit

Govt, of Orissa planning to establish web-enabled Services, please visit

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