BhimraoGasti’s ‘Berad’: A Study of the Impact of Oppression on the Psycho-Social Self of the Author

Shivaji D Sargar


Bhimrao Gasti is a well-known Dalit writer and social activist who devoted all his life for the upliftment of the members of his Berad community. His autobiography, Berad, narrates a story of a Dalit boy who bravely faced and defeated various obstacles in his personal and social life. But his victory was not an easy one. Living in the vicious circumstances both at home and outside it and keeping one’s personality intact was Herculean task. But with strong will-power, unflinching determination and hard efforts in the right direction, BhimraoGasti achieved his aim and led his life towards great success. It is because of this fact that the present paper aims to study the autobiography of BhimraoGasti and find out what were the obstacles in the path of Bhimrao and how he overcame them.


Dalit; Berad; Savarna; self; oppression; autobiography

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