Support from extra-curricular activities to strategic thinkers in private sector companies: with special reference to western province in Sri Lanka

Hashan S. Wimalasiri


Extra-curricular activities are expanding as clubs, aesthetic, Scouts, drama or theater, youth groups, student council, and club sports, so students have more engagement in these type of activities and companies give high priority for people who engaging these in present decades. Different type of these activities will be having impact to develop students’ knowledge about management and risk taking behavior than their studies because these are practical. The people who engage in these type of activities have good career progress but there is significant level of studies in Sri Lanka to recognize advantage of engaging these. Objective of this research is to recognize the significant impact or support of extracurricular activities for the management to come up with good strategies and to lead the companies. Questions of this are what are the importance of the extra-curricular activities? What are the characteristics of the good strategic manager? Is there any significant relationship above importance and characteristics? Therefore this research paper will examine how the strategic thinkers in Private Sector Company get support from extra-curricular activities for their career life. In this study an interpret philosophy as the researchers view and the respondents view has adopted. Qualitative case study methodology was used answer the questions. By this study, it has been analyzed the experience of 30 strategic level managers in private sector companies in manufacturing industry. Importance extra-curricular activities which strategic thinkers, as top managers and business leaders get help to their career can recognize and what qualities can develop through activities for make better strategists. Also will find how the education curriculum change to make good strategists and how companies need to recognize strategists for their need picking a job seeker.

Keywords: Extra-curricular activities, strategic thinkers, top managers, strategists, curriculum

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