Women Empowerment through Women Centric Movies in Malayalam: A critical study 2004-2014

SEENA J, Dr. Nivedhitha** D


Women empowerment can be defined as making women powerful enough to take their own decisions regarding their lives and well being in the family and society. Earlier movies which hit the screen with strong women centric subjects were categorized into the genre of parallel cinema. But the 21st century has witnessed drastic changes with movies, breaking the stereotyped jinx and female centric commercial movies also tasted the victory. The majority of the Malayalam films shows men engaged in a variety of occupations and activities while women are mainly confined to being prudent and thrifty housewives, tradition conscious mothers and of course the stylish, beautiful dumb belles whose flawless skin or glossy hair offer endless scope for fetichistic scopophilia.


In this paper, theatre released Malayalam movies of 10 years (2004 – 2014) is taken to analyze the concept of women empowerment. Out of the 1083 films released only 29 films are women centric movies and barely eight movies really depict the theme of women empowerment. With Discourse analysis the concept of women empowerment in women centric movies, whether the women centric women really empower women, what motivation does the empowerment movies gives and the issues these film handles were addressed though this paper.

Keywords:  Hero Oriented Movies, Kerala, Malayalam Movies, Women Centric Movies and Women Empowerment

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