Growing Potentials of Rural Marketing in India: The Changing Paradigms

Harpreet Kaur


The Urban Market of India is reaching the level of saturation. Achieving the aspired growth targets is a hard nut to crack for the marketers. Moreover, the cut-throat competition in this market creates an   inability on the part of the firms to maintain and raise their respective market shares. This tempts the businessmen to move to the rural market of India that is showing better growth prospects as India’s two-third population lives in rural areas. The demand and the expectations of the rural folks are rising due to the overall economic growth, giving an underexplored opportunity to the business houses to tap the huge potential. But the opportunity that provides hope for the corporate houses is not without challenges. There are a number of differences between the rural and urban factors that influence the demand structure of both the areas. In order to be successful, there is a need to study the dynamics of the rural market before venturing into these areas. This paper intends to assess the marketing potential, the opportunities and driving forces for the marketers in the rural market.


Rural Consumer, Market Saturation, Consumer Behaviour, Rural Marketing, Marketing Opportunities, Market Potential

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