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Mankind is confronting with major challenges of environmental pollution. Humanity cries for sustainable development. The leaders all over the world loudly declare to overcome the issues concerning environment and sustainable growth. Several meets arranged in the international arena to resolve such issues, yet the environmental pollution caused major setback in the progress of mankind. In the name of development, there is exploitation of mother earth. The materialistic attitude and conflict of interest causes serious problem to save the Earth from the danger of exploitation. Every year thousand species became extinct away, million hector of forest is destroyed, billion tons of carbon dioxide is dumped in to atmosphere, and million tones of industrial wastes are drained into the river and sea, causing challenge for species on the Earth. The war, armed conflict and terrorist attack cause environmental degradation by way of using weapons chemical warfare, nuclear weapons and conventional explosive force, often cause danger to people, animals and plants. Poverty is also responsible for causing environmental pollution. It causes major concern for environmental protection. In this article introspection is made to create healthy environment.  The article throws light on the international covenant, constitutional protection of rights and Indian experience on environmental jurisprudence.

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