Reflection of Nature in Literature: An Eco-critical Study

Ambadas Dadasaheb Sakat


Eco-critical study is an unique concept amongst contemporary literary and cultural theories because of its close relationship with humans and environment. Basically, it studies the everlasting correlation between literature and environment. This paper will give an overview of the significant role played by environment to compose any type genre in  literature. I have tried to establish my argument that the people who are very close to the nature across the globe have a very close attachment with nature they loved the most. The present paper will look in to I) Concept of Eco-criticism II) Identification of Eco-criticism in America and Green studies in UK. III) Role of Shakespeare in bringing up Eco-critical approach in Elizabethan Drama. IV) Romantic era the glory of eco-critical poetry. V) Consciousness of Eco-criticism amongst modern poets. Thus, my intention is to explorer the man- nature relationship reflected in literature right from the adventurous journey of Columbus to the present era.


Eco-criticism; Green studies; New England writers; back to nature; Ecology; WLA etc

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