Transformation from Performative Art to Demonstrative Art: A Survival strategy for Patachitra

Sreenanda Palit, Dibyendu Bikash Datta


Indian art history has been evidence to a rich storage of traditional painting and folk narrative from pre-history to present time. One of the most musical and illustrious form of folk narrative is Patachitra of Bengal and its adjoining states of Odhisa, Bihar and Jharkhand. While the art form and music distinctively demonstrates a local flavor of the particular state, West Bengal in particular has its own panache of patuas from the districts of Bankura, Purulia, Birbhum and West Midnapore. Patachitra which comprises of crude opaque form of folk art often defined with black outlines defining the cultural identity of patuas. The article deals with the method, raw materials, process of patachitra. It primarily focuses on the transformation of the art from performative art to demonstrative art, as a survival strategy of artisans of West Midnapur. 


Patachitra, culture, natural colours, art, folklore, narrative performance, transformations, survival

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