Spatial Pattern of Hydrology of Payradanga: Some Observations

Shrinwantu Raha


Payradanga is peculiar with its surface and ground water characteristics. With respect to groundwater Payradanga has a critical feature. It has an artegio condition so that that tubewell water is the most frequent water resource of the study area. Again with respect to surface water condition the pond making is absolutely impossible, because of presence of sand in upper layer of the soil which is highly porous. In these circumstances I here try to describe the surface drainage pattern as well as the relief condition of Payradanga primarily. So the two major drainage basins and how their subsequent drainages are linked with the condition of relief is primarily expressed by me. After the artegio condition and effect of this condition over humans have been discussed.


Artesian well, surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrology, relief.

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