Green Marketing: Complementing Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM)

Vijay Phalke


The paper attempts to gauge the similarity of objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission

(SBM) and Green Marketing objectives. Key features of Green Marketing efforts are discussed. Thereafter key points related to SBM are presented. The statement of the paper is on the bases of ultimate motto of SBM, the activities under Green Marketing are complementary to SBM.

A survey is conducted of 50 young girls and 50 young boys in the age group of 18 to 25 from the town of Yavat, District Pune in Maharashtra State. As the real beneficiaries are from Youth after its success, the youth members are chosen for an inquiry. The survey is with an objective to test the statement at conceptual level and hence kept it at indicative level and is not very exhaustive as it covers the single concept of existence of complementary nature of Green Marketing and SBM.

Therefore, a document containing only 06 questions is administered to them in order to check about awareness about SBM, awareness about Green Marketing and their agreement for complimentary role of Green Marketing for SBM. The suggestions from youth are sought to enhance the role of Green Marketing.

It is concluded that the statement about complimentary role is well affirmed by the field study and provides validity to the statement with reference to 08 points related to similarity of objectives, even though they spring from different contexts. There is wider scope for Government and particularly Green Product Producers and Green Marketers to expedite the speed of SBM and assist in converting mission into movement where youth can contribute vey meaningfully.


Swachh Bharat, Green Marketing, Eco Friendly Packaging, Sanitation, Public Health

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