Effect of sulphur and boron nutrition and it method of application on growth, yield and economics of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

S.H. Mirche, V.P. Suryavanshi, G.K. Bahure, I. A. B. Mirza, A.S. Padul


The field investigation entitled “Effect of sulphur and boron nutrition and it method of application on growth, yield and economics of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)” under rainfed condition was conducted at Farm, Oilseeds Research Station, Latur. The experimental field was leveled and well drained. The experimental field was leveled and well drained. The soil was clayey in texture, low in nitrogen, medium in phosphorus and neutral in reaction. The environmental conditions prevailed during experimental period were favorable for normal growth and development of sunflower crop. The experiment was laid out in a randomized block design with three replications and hybrid LSFH-35 as a test crop along with nine treatment combinations. The treatments are T:- RDF, T:- RDF + S 20 kg/ha, T:- RDF + S 30 kg/ha, T:- RDF + B 1 kg/ha, T:- RDF + B spray 0.2%, T6 :- RDF + S 20 kg/ha + B 1 kg/ha, T7 :- RDF + S 20 kg/ha + B spray 0.2%, T8 :- RDF + S 30 kg/ha + B 1 kg/ha and T9 :- RDF + S 30 kg/ha + B spray 0.2%.The gross and net plot size of each experimental unit was 4.8 m × 4.5 m and 3.6 m × 3.9 m respectively.Sowing was done by dibbling method on 06th August 2013 at a spacing of 60 cm × 30 cm. The recommended cultural practices and plant protection measures were undertaken. The recommended dose of fertilizer (90:45:45 NPK kg/ha) was applied, as per treatment half dose of nitrogen along with full dose of phosphorus, potassium and sulphur was applied as a basal dose and remaining half dose of nitrogen was applied at 30 days after sowing. Spraying of boron was done at ray floret stage. The crop was harvested on October 31, 2013. Application of RDF + S 30 kg ha-1 + B 1 kg ha-1(T8) recorded significantly higher growth, yield and quality contributing characters followed by application of RDF + S 20 kg ha-1+ B 1 kg ha-1(T6), RDF + S 20 kg ha-1+ B spray 0.2% (T7) and RDF + S 30 kg ha-1+ B spray 0.2% (T9).


sunflower, sulphur, boron, growth, economics

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