The Plight of Children Growing Up in HIV Afflicted Families in Delhi

Jyotika Taneja


India seems to be a low HIV prevalence country in percentages on the global map but the virus in absolute numbers has affected and changed the lives of millions of people across the country. With HIV and AIDS infecting any one person in a family, the child in the family becomes vulnerable in many ways. The current study gives a depiction of the situation of children growing up in HIV afflicted families where at least one parent is affected by HIV.

In depth Interviews were conducted with 50 parents (mother/ father). The respondents have provided information regarding the impact of HIV status of parent/s on children’s education, healthcare, recreation and social interactions of the child. The study also highlights the barriers and obstacles encountered in the overall development of child as stated by their parent/s.

The findings show that, along with the responsibility to earn to run the households, they also have to struggle with their health. They learn to cope up with stigma and discrimination, paucity of funds and parenting children who have witnessed the death of their one parent. The findings also bring into light various psychological and social needs of these children which remain unmet because of this illness in the family.

In conclusion, the current study brings out the impact of HIV on all family members to be both disturbing and alarming. Thus, the paper suggests some possible ways to address the issues, needs and challenges faced by children growing up in families affected by HIV.


Children, HIV/AIDS, Impact on children, HIV afflicted families

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