Antimicrobial activity and polyphenol content of some bryophytes from Lonavala

P.S. Kadam


Bryophytes are group of vascular plants which include 25000 species they grow in damp shady locations. They are small herbaceous plants that absorb water and mineral nutrients mainly through leaves. These plants are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. They contain pools of secondary metabolites like phenols, flavonoids which are unique phytochemicals. In the present study polyphenols and anti-microbial activity was assessed from the bryophytes viz. Anthoceros erectus, Asterella angusta, Cyathodium tuberosum, Plagiochasma articulata and Targiona hypophylla grown in Malavli area of Lonavala. It was observed that the polyphenol content was maximum in Anthoceros and least in Targiona. The anti-bacterial activity using agar well diffusion method against two bacterial strains was highest in Targiona hypophylla and least in Cyathodium tuberosum.


Polyphenols, anti-bacterial, Anthoceros erectus, Asterella angusta, Cyathodium tuberosum, Plagiochasma articulata and Targiona hypophylla

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