Analysis of physico – chemical properties of water from different sources in and around pune city.



The   following   paper   present  the  study  of   physical  as  well  as  chemical  properties  of  water  usually  termed  as  physico- chemical  properties  from  different  sources  of  water  of  pune  city.  Monthly  changes  in  physical  and  chemical  properties  of  water  were  analyzed  for  a  period  of  9  months  from  june  to  february.  The  properties  analyzed  includes    water  temperature,  atmospheric  temperature,  ph,   gross  appearance,   odour  and  taste,   alkanity,  chlorine,  total  hardness,  acidity,  biological  oxygen  demand  (bod),  total  dissolved solids (tds).  Variation  in  few  parameters  were  observed  according  to  the  seasonal  changes.  Few  parameters  were  within  permissible  range  except  for  those  of  ponds  and  rivers.  This  indicates  that  water  from  these  sources  are  not  suitable  for  human  consumption  and  can  be  used  for  other  domestic  purposes.


physico-chemical, water temperature, atmospheric temperature, ph, gross appearance, odour and taste, alkalinity, chlorine, total hardness, acidity, biological oxygen demand (bod), total dissolved solvent (tds).

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