Collection Development and Policies of Central Library IIT BHU and Indore: A Comparative Study

Shiv Kumar, Shilpi Verma


This paper discusses the concept of collection development and policies of central library IIT BHU and central library IIT Indore a comparative study. The study high lights the problems and process of library collection development, frequency revision and reasons for revision of policies at both IIT libraries. Collection development is a dynamic and continuous activity. It involves the users, the library staff, and the subject experts on selection team. The process includes several activities such as the user’s needs, evaluation of current collections, determination of a selection policy, sources used for selection of documents.  It is not an end in itself, but a means to develop a need-based, up-to date, and balanced collection fit to meet the document and information needs of IIT users. This research paper describes about the library collection, selection tools, library policy, frequency revision of collection development policy, reasons for revision of policy,  purpose of  collections development and problems in collection development by both IIT central library. 


Library Collections; Collection Development Policy; Frequency of Revision, Problems Faced by IIT Central Libraries.

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