Diasporic Pulse in Kiran Desai's The Inheritance of Loss

Titiksha Mittal, Sudershan Kumar Garg


Kiran Desai is an established diasporic writer of Indian origin who presents Indians as protagonists in her fiction. Her novels generally narrate about Indian immigrants who struggle to settle in an alien country usually America. Desai's recent novel, The Inheritance of Loss is an exception among all her novels as it is written in Indian background. The objective of this paper is to analyze The Inheritance of Loss as a diasporic novel. As a diasporic writer, Kiran Desai exposes all of these ideas in her works. Desai was born in India in 1971; lived in Delhi until she was 14, and spent a year in England, before her family moved to the USA. She completed her education in USA. Desai reflects her experiences and realization in her journey from India to USA in her famous novel, The Inheritance of Loss which was published in 2006. While talking of the characters in The Inheritance of Loss, and of her own life, she says, "The characters of my story are entirely fictional, but these journeys (of her grandparents) as well as my own provided insight into what it means to travel between East and West and it is this I wanted to capture. The fact that I live this particular life is no accident. It was my inheritance.”


Diaspora, Immigrant, Alienation, Identity, Assimilation

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