Search of Individuality in Ibsen’s A doll’s house

Digambar Bhise


A Doll’s House, (1879)is adramawritten by Norwegian playwrightHenrik Ibsen.In the play, the actorsdisplay real human emotions and inner conflicts. The play deals withreal issues of psychological condition of characters.In the family,husband and wifeinteract but they are not emotionally involved with each other. Nora is always warried about her future. All the time she obeys husband out of this fear. But, at the end of the play unexpected turn of events makes Nora to find her true identity. The woman in Norais now notsatisfied to remain just a “doll.”  Initially, she shows anger upon Torvaldbut later pity for him.

A research isconducted toanalyze the human behavior of the characters based on the psychological outlook. The study is also an effort to uphold deepunderstanding of human nature. It explains the psychological effectof the character’s actions andemotions. Nora’s sincere emotions basically helpto perceive the deeper meaning of the story.She holds herself in conjugal life because of the same type of emotions. Through these emotions sheconveystrue meaning of the worth of equality, love and trust in married life. She also discloses and even criticizes traditional norms of the society.

The researcher focuses more on the temperament and conduct of the characters. The focus is also on development of characters’ true nature. It also demonstrates fault in the psychology of an individual person while living married life.The attempt is to clear how gender issue comes in marriage institution. Furthermore, inequality in marriage is argued from the point of view of woman as an individual.


individual, temperament, emotion, gender, inequality, marriage.

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