Use Of It In Modern Era Of Libraries

Pinki Mor


This study is based on the concept, what libraries should and could be to achieve best information systems that will provide maximum support by meeting the needs of the majority of users. Besides, information needs of learners and public are dynamic, services for them should be proactive and directed towards meeting these changing information needs; thus, libraries needs to develop effective mechanism to receive regular feedback from patrons and users. Also, the result of this study would eradicate the problems of intractability of data and idiosyncratic methods of organizing and retrieving information in order to promote the availability of adequate and up-to-date information in research environment. Consequently, the necessity to anticipate, identify, and describe the usage pattern of users and matching the available IT resources in libraries cannot be ignored, else, scarce resources will be wasted, informed decision would be deluged and irrational alternatives would be chosen. The costs were enormously critical. Understanding people deserves as much thought and effort as collection and organization of information.


Use Of It in Library, Modern Libraries, Technical Library

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