Factors influencing compliance to treatment regimen of Tuberculosis

Dr .Shobha Doulat Gaikwad


The study was undertaken to assess factors influencing compliance to treatment among patients diagnosed with tuberculosis in a specific hospital in Mumbai. The samples of 100 patients were included in the study. Semi structured questionnaire was used to assess the factors influencing compliance to treatment. The results showed that there are physical, psychological and social factors that affect the compliance to treatment. And that these factors definitely influence or affect the way patient’s manage their drug regimen in the phase of the illness.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a global health concern, with an estimated 8.9 million new cases worldwide in 2004 and two million deaths each year. It is a major contributor to the burden of disease, especially in low- and middle-income countries, where it is being fuelled by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The ultimate aim of any prescribed medical therapy is to achieve certain desired outcomes in the patients concerned. These desired outcomes are part and parcel of the objectives in the management of the diseases or conditions. However, despite all the best intention and efforts on the part of the healthcare professionals, those outcomes might not be achievable if the patients are non-compliant. This shortfall may also have serious and detrimental effects from the perspective of disease management. Hence, therapeutic compliance has been a topic of clinical concern since the 1970s due to the widespread nature of non-compliance with therapy. Therapeutic compliance not only includes patient compliance with medication but also with diet, exercise, or life style changes.

In order to evaluate the possible impact of therapeutic non-compliance on clinical outcomes, the researcher decided to work on this concept.


factors, compliance, treatment, tuberculosis

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