Contemporary Issues in Crime prevention and Detection: Violence Against Women

karandagolle wijithatissa


Violence against women is a worldwide social issue. In this study the main attention has been given to the evaluation of attitudes of the post graduate students from both India and Sri Lanka.  The sample consisted of ten subjects representing of both countries. The main object of the research was to evaluate the attitudes of the postgraduate students ‘on violence against women. Under this theme, nature of the violence causes and prevention were evaluated by analyzing the content of   data collected from the individual interviews by using semi-structured interview method. Finding of the research was mainly types of violent acts, causes  of the violent acts and preventive programs of both countries which are going on at present days. Domestic violence and sexual harassments are the most prevalence violence of both countries. The violence based on dowry problems appears in a higher position in Indian context. But in Sri Lankan context it is very rare. All the participants irrespective their gender and other differences hold  positive attitudes of stopping the violence of this nature from their societies. 


Violence, Women, Sri Lanka, India

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