Staff to Gun: Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria



In a bid to fulfill the primary responsibility of providing for one’s needs, man has found himself engaging in various forms of activities which includes but is not limited to cattle rearing. This paper assesses cattle rearing carried out by Fulani herdsmen as a form of economic activity or occupation and how such occupation has come to be harmful to the host communities. The paper also appraise why the Fulani herdsmen have changed their tactics from the use of staff to the use of guns and the effect it has so far had and will continue to have on the Nigerian society in the form of routinization of violence, reprisal attacks, offshoot of another deadly sect, increase in illegal arms proliferation, intensification of ethnicisation, increased kidnappings and attacks and encroachment on rights. Finally, the paper proffer solutions to these problems so as to save the Nigerian society from being plunged Nigeria into a primitive, primordial and pedestrian state of nastiness, solitary and brute.


Fulani attacks, Fulani herdsmen, Reprisal attacks, Pastoral nomadism, Cattle rearers

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