Intellectual Property Right and Copyright in Digital Environment

bikramaditya barman


While the shapes of copyright law have dependably been drawn by the advancements in the innovative world, the development of computerized advances towards the finishing up many years of the twentieth century as characterizing ideal models of new age correspondence raised a radical new arrangement of difficulties to copyright administrations. The customary ideas of the essential ideas, for example, privileges of propagation and dispersion have ended up lacking and even insignificant in the advanced age. All works can now be digitalized whether they contain writings, pictures, sound or graphs and once digitalized the different components, for example, pictures are all "equivalent" and can be blended, changed, controlled or blended to make an unending assortment of new works.

These paper clarified about Categories of Intellectual Property, Duration of Intellectual Property Rights more or less, The Challenge of Copyright in Digital Age, Keeping up the Framework of Exclusive Rights.


IPR, Copyright, Digital Environment. Exclusive Rights, Digital age

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