Women portrayal in media and expectations

Mohammad Shameer


The population of India has crossed 1.21 billion and women constitute nearly 52 percent of the population. As per the 2011 census, total female sex ration in India is 940 per 1000 males. Women are leading the country, reaching milestones, acting as a source of inspiration for many people, playing an important role in national growth and economic development through corporate houses and participating in decision making. It is responsibility of every Indian to give due respect and provide safety & security.  Women establish their importance working through each and every sector. Media needs to give due coverage to women issues.

The media through its reach to people can bring desired support for emancipation of women by focusing on neglected position of the women in Society. Media using Tri-virate Mantrais dedicating a major chunk of their time to three 'C' , Crime, Cinema and Cricket.  Newspapers’ coverage of women’s problems gain little attention of policy makers. The most of space of news papers is occupied by cinema models, the rich women and their hobbies. Many of the women’s magazines have dedicated space on glamour than women activities. Media played a prominent and crucial in bringing Nirbhaya Act. Media should take a proactive role in creating dedicated programs to generate public awareness on the rights and privileges of women. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting through its monitoring cell,is issuing show cause notices to the Television channels which portrays women/girl in poor light. This paper tries to envisage how media portrays women/girls issues, the achievements and failure of the media and also the corrective measures taken up by the Government of India.


Media Role, Media Coverage, Present media, women issues

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