The Effect of Eight Weeks Pilates and Stabilization Exercises on Pain and Flexibility of Back Muscles and Hamstring of Women with Chronic Low Back Pain

Salimeh Mamashli, Reza Mahdavinejad, Ghasemi Gholamali


The  present  study  investigated eight  weeks  Pilates  and  stabilization  exercises  on  pain,  flexibility  of  back  muscles  and  hamstring,  among  the  25-50 years  women  affected  by  Chronic  Low  back  pain.  In  this  quasiexperimental study there were  selected 60 women  affected by Chronic Low  back  pain  purposefully,  at  average  age  of  37/93±8/62years, weight  of  64/91±10/70kg  and  162/03±5/26  centimeter  and  divided up affirming (20 persons), Pilates (20 persons) and control (20 persons) groups  randomly.  The  affirming  and  Pilate's  groups  received  Pilates and  corrective  exercises  for  eight  weeks,  thrice  a  week  for  one  hour. Variables  of  pain,  flexibility  of  back  muscles  and  hamstring  were measured,  respectively  by  Visual  analogue  scale  of  Pain  and Sit and rich  test.  To  data  analyses  it  was  used  Matched  T  test  and Independent T test and Multiple Comparisons (Tukey) to identify inter correlation differences at the significant level of 0.5. This study showed that after eight weeks Pilates and stabilization exercises, the pain scale average of affirming group was in a significant statistical level and the average  of  flexibility  of  back  muscles  and  hamstring  ,  of affirming group was  also  in  a  similar  level  with  the  Pilates  group.  According  to  this study, stabilization exercises  and pilates can be useful to reduce the pain and incease flexibility  of  back  muscles  and  hamstring  .


Stabilization exercises. Low back pain, Pilates, Pain impact, Flexibility

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