Challenges, Opportunities and Prospect of Open Source Software in Libraries

Pangal Zuber Abdul Majeed, V.S. ` Mugade


Open source has brought a signification change in the software world. The share of open source is increased in software industry by many folds. It has affected many sectors including libraries and they have been widely used as far as functioning and rendering service in libraries are concerned. When any new phenomenon occurred usually it is seen as a challenge, opportunity or how prosperous it can be. In the case of open source in libraries it has entirely replaced commercial software and provided the enormous amount of freedom. It is now up to libraries to grab the opportunity and implement it without any hesitation. There could be many dissatisfaction and problems associated with it and the author has outlined these difficulties into challenges, opportunities and prospect. In the preceding article, these hurdles have been discussed in detail.  


Open Source Software (OSS), Free Software Foundation (FSF), Open Source Initiative (OSI) OSS - Challenges, Opportunities and Prospect

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