Integrated Teacher Education Curriculum: A Delphi Study

Deepti Yadav


Teacher education has continued to remain a matter of apprehension over the decades for all the concerned educationists and committees on education. Different curriculums are in vogue in the country for teacher education. NCFTE (2010) stressed on the introduction of an improved curriculum which will enable the students to face the challenges of 21st century. Exploring into the different aspects and dimensions of curriculum for teacher education, the paper tries to underline the concept and need of integrated course in the present context. There are a number of programmes with different structures for teacher education that serve the purpose of producing quality teachers for better education. Integrated course for pre-service teacher education, a teacher education programme structure, provides a curriculum with dual purpose i.e. pedagogy and content, with the duration of four years to transact. The paper critically analyses the present integrated course run in one of the Regional Institutes of Education. The integrated course critically analysed is the B.Sc.B.Ed. course of RIE, Bhopal.


Delphi study, teacher education, integrated curriculum, models for integrated curriculum

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