Brand Position: The Invincible Weapon in Current Marketing Situation

Ankush N. More


These innovative ideas resulted in reshaping the thinking of marketers by first identifying and understanding the needs and expectations of the target group and then to come up with suitable products. In the present scenario, the innovations are taking place rapidly but even the best demanded brands are not sure regarding their survival because the innovations are difficult to develop and easy to copy. So, the marketers are continuously seeking the distinct positions for their brands in the minds of customers and hence brand Position has emerged as the most challenging job in today's mature and overcrowded markets. It aims at imprinting a differentiated image of the brand in the minds of the prospective customers. According to Charles Mittelstadt, “Position refers to how you want your brand 'thought about' in connection with the competitors in its product category. It needs to be specific to your brand aimed at specific target audience”. A successful brand Position strategy concentrates on finding out the strong position in customer's mind and then sitting on it, which leads to gain the competitive advantage in the market. 


Brand, Marketing, Brand Position, Brand Personality, brand loyalty.

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