Exploring The Use of Thorium to Meet India’s Power Needs and the Potential Feasibility of Assistance for Funds

Akshat Maheshwari, Prakhar Srivastava, Priyanka Amod Patwardhan


Abstract: The total Nominal GDP of India in 2016 stands at $2.30 Trillion, and PPP at $8.64 Trillion. The growth rate of the GDP in the 4th Quarter of Fiscal Year 2015-16 remained at an exemplary 7.9%, all that at a time when the world economy is facing tough situations of recurring crises. However, this newly industrialised economy faces several challenges, which if not addressed can adversely impact its growth trajectory. One of the primary challenges is power supply. Thousands of villages in our nation, it being the 21st century, are still not electrified. While many data suggest that there is power supply at some of those places, the actual situation is only a converse or a modicum. At present, India’s power needs are colossal. Nuclear energy, in a scenario like this comes up as the best alternative to the quandary. The many advantages of nuclear power plants over other sources of energy, and India’s feasibility to them makes it the best of options. As a matter of fact, India has 25% of the world’s total Thorium reserves, which it not just need to exhaust but put to use as well. However, implementation is a mammoth task which requires handsome amount of funding. This research paper essentially focuses on the fact that with financial assistance from external agencies like the World Bank, India may very soon become sufficient in power supply. The paper will at length discuss the feasibility of procuring financial assistance based on client history and how it will prove instrumental in solving the severe problem of power shortage in India.


Keywords: Power Shortage, Nuclear Energy, Thorium, World Bank

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