Globalization And The Folk Life Of The Tribes Of North East India

Bikash Das


Northeast India is a diverse region of our country. It is a resident of different tribes. Some of these are- Bodo, Kuki, Mizo, Singpfo, Khasi, Mishing, Deori, Adi, Apatani, Naga, Garo, Nishi, Rengma, Angami, Rabha etc. Each tribe have their rich traditional culture. They are famous for their unique traditional life style. But globalization stands as an effecting factor on the folk life of the Northeastern tribes. This paper is an attempt to analyze the impact of globalization on the folk life of the various tribes of Northeast India. In the context of the tribes of Northeast India, it is predicted that globalization may be harmfull for their unique identities. The study is based on primary and secondary information collected for various tribes of Northeast India. The study founded that globalization has some negative effects on the folk life of the Northeastern tribes. However, it is hoped that in near future, globalization may be helpfull for the tribes of Northeast India. 


Ethnic, Folk Life, Globalization, Northeast, Tribal.

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