Innovative Ideas of Aakif Suri in the Field of Miniature Painting

Sadia Arshad


This article is intended to document the innovative ideas of Akif Suri in the field of Miniature painting. Current contemporary art scene in Pakistan is bringing forth young blood and they are elevating the standards of art practices with their innovative ideas and experimentations. Aakif Suri emerged on the art horizon of Pakistan as an academically trained artist. He born in 1982 and graduated from the National College of Arts by specializing in Miniature Paintings in 2006. He has created a name for himself in this particular field. His paintings present a very interesting combination of humanistic trends, new ways of using traditional techniques in the compositions and surreal-symbolic concepts to present the essence of his experiences in Pakistani society.

Moreover this article presents a detailed analysis of artists painting compositions and philosophical aspects in the light of many references from the prominent art critics of the region.


Art In pakistan, contemporary art in south Asia

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