Branding the Krome Apparel Stores across Chandigarh

Shubham RATTAN


This paper talks about the role of visual merchandising and the in store environment of a multi brand retail store as a potential factor of branding the retail store in the eyes of the customer and attracting them to walk into the store and buy the apparels.The retail store that has been taken into consideration are the Kapsons owned Krome stores which are a youth oriented apparel and accessories store and therefore all the observations and survey has been taken keeping them in focus.

Purpose: The purpose of the paper is to study the Visual Merchandising of the Krome retail stores and their up gradation in order to change the window shoppers to active shoppers and customer loyalty to the store and together how they contribute to branding of the store.

Method: The study was made on the basis of a consumer survey after making different arrangements inside the retail store and observing the effects on the consumers walking in. The findings of our study show how Kapsons  management carefully design, manage and orchestrated retail space, objects and assign attendants’ roles to construct and communicate the Krome store as a brand.

Main Results: The visual merchandising of the retail store and the customer service offered goes a long way in developing the brand name of the store.

Conclusions: Empirical based in the study.

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