Analysis the role of Good Governance on the development of Jammu and Kashmir

Gowher Ahmad Bhat


The good governance prescription is displayed as a significant instrument bolstered by existing organizations to produce the certainty required for development. From a parallel perspective, institutional quality is a key factor in setting up good governance and is fundamental to the applicable approach face off regarding. The present paper tries to basically assess the good governance central contention by investigating the instance of Jammu and Kashmir. It additionally goes for giving an extensive examination of the institutional bottlenecks and pathologies that undermine the long haul points of view of the Jammu and Kashmir development. Institutional information uncover that Jammu and Kashmir foundations are less developed than different conditions of India partners making the contention of institutional inconsistencies among states a pivotal perspective for forming the comparing strategies. Abnormal amounts of defilement and the disappointment of the administrative system don't give a protected premise to performing artist's expectations. The examination consolidates hypothetical argumentation with experimental investigation and tries to illustrate the connections between intelligent institutional changes and development. To additionally investigate this speculation for Jammu and Kashmir the impacts of far reaching institutional endeavors are surveyed against the benchmark of institutionally developed states. At last, the examination brings up the issue of by and large and incomplete institutional change with a specific end goal to unravel the suggestions these arrangements involve for Jammu and Kashmir development dynamism.

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