An account on bed form features and lithofacies types of the Brahmaputra River found in Kakari Kata Bar, Majuli District, Assam



Brahmaputra river, one of the argest river in the world flows from Himalaya and debouches its enormous sediment into the bay of Bengal. During its journey through Assam it exhibits braided pattern and forms various bars. One of such bar is Kakarikata present in the district of Majui which is got separated from the main land area of Majuli by a second order channel of the Brahmaputra river. The present study focuses on the study of various bedform features and lithofacies types on both the northern as well as southern part of the stabilized bar. The bedform features found in the study area are ripples, megaripples, scours, mud cracks etc. The lithofacies types found on the channel channel sediments of both sides are Sh, St, Ms, Sr whereas the lithofacies types found on the bank sediments of both side are Fm, St, Sp,Sr, Sm, Fl and Sh. On the bank sediments alteration of mud and sand layer were found.


Brahmaputra River;Braided River; Bedform; Lithofacies

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