Effect of Price and Quality on the Market of Durable Products- A Consumer Behaviour Study in Four wheeler Industry



In this research paper an attempt has been made to know the affect of price and quality on the market of four wheeler. The research will help the manufacturers of four wheelers in fixing the price of their vehicles. It will also help them to know the customers perceptions about the quality of their four wheelers. It will further help the manufactures to make necessary changes in the price and quality of their products to snatch the maximum share of the four wheeler market. In this research paper an attempt has been made to know the effect of price and quality on the market of durable products. Consumer behaviour is the process whereby, individuals decide whether, what, when, where, how, and from whom to purchase goods and services. The automobile industry today is the most lucrative industry. Due to the increase in disposable income in both rural and urban sector and easy finance being provided by all the financial institutes, the passenger car sales have been significantly increased.


Consumer Behaviour, Marketing-Mix, Four Wheeler Industry, Price & Quality.

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