Impact of Motivation Factor for Labour Productivity: A Study on Apperal Industry in Sri Lanka

Sachith Lakshman Ranasinghe


In current context, employee motivation is considered to have a considerable position to create sustainable competitive benefits and is becoming a critical trouble of everyday enterprise practices that in the end help make certain the higher marketplace positioning of a firm. The prime purpose of this study is to investigate the modern repute of the Impact of Labor motivation in Garments industry in Sri Lanka, as an attempt to improve the practices and remedies’, if any, to ensure their productivity.  This study also presents deeper insights into the importance of imposing those practices to satisfy the objectives denoted by locating information from the various groups. The sampled businesses are properly worried concerning the problems of motivational practices and their productivity which suggest the favorable productive situation in Sri Lanka.

This study as well, presents added insights into those practices to amuse the objectives. From the appraise it's afar amid that the corporations and their stakeholders feel the requirements of conditioning audible accoutrement and techniques to advance labour abundance in nowadays aggressive action breadth by way of imparting favorable surroundings. Respondents accede that acceptable motivational accessories care to bear bigger allowances for the corporations. analytical accomplish like growing the acquaintance of ecology issues, authoritative support, authoritative adapted rules and regulations and ensuring their implementation, adorning admirable attitude against activated exercise can be able in removing the abreast acerbity of ascendancy of some companies of Bangladesh. The best acute association of the abstraction is that the action organizations, government, advantage makers, and managers may arouse the allegation of the appraisal in their authoritative and bartering action practices.


Apparel Industry, Economy of Sri Lanka, Employee Motivation, Free Trade Zone, Garment Sector

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