The Modelling Effects Of Independence Auditors on Financial Reporting Quality Of The Listed (DMBS) In Nigeria

Moses Babatunde Olanisebe, Oyindamola Olusegun Ekundayo, Lukman Adeyemo


The study examines the modeling effect of the independence auditors on financial reporting quality of the listed deposit money banks (DMBs) in Nigeria. The data were collected from the Annual Reports of the sampled size. The hypotheses were tested using multiple regression technique. At the end of the study, the study revealed that there is a positive and significant effect with the audit fees and financial reporting quality at 5% levels of significance. This means that N0.43 increase in the audit fees shall bring about corresponding increase in the financial reporting quality of the while audit firm rotation and audit tenure showed negative relationship with financial reporting of the listed DMBs in Nigeria. The study recommended that management of DMBs should follows the law that was put in place in regard to specified audit fee in Nigeria and the length of audit tenure should be between one and three years so that the auditor can combat and prevent fraud and improved the financial reporting quality. Finally, audit rotation should be at the range stipulated by the regulatory bodies.


Audit fees, tenure, rotation, financial reporting quality, listed DMBs in Nigeria

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