Kidnapping and Rise of Insecurity in Nigeria: A Case of Kaduna State

Badamasi Saidu, Ummu Atiyah Binti Ahmad Zakuan, Kamarul Zaman Bin Haji Yusoff


In recent years, Kaduna state is experiencing an upsurge of kidnapping activities for ransom. The frequent occurrences of this new insecurity in the last few years of 2016 and 2017, has put the country and Kaduna state in danger, and have become a source of worried and concern with tenths of people from different socio-economic category are being kidnapped for ransom on daily bases. The study is to critically look at this growing criminal act, possible motives and to streamline the complexities in its control. Motives such as economic hardship, political and moral decay have led to its upsurge. Hence, proactive economic and political policies and programs are measures to address the situation.


Kidnapping, Abduction, Hostage-taking, insecurity, Kaduna and Nigeria

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