Ancient Architecture: Impressive, Imperishable and Inimitable

Dhira Bhowmick, V.C.S Dkhar


The architecture of the ancients--the builders of such remarkable monuments as The Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Pichu and the impressive cliff dwellings of  Dogon tribes of Mali,have long been the subject of great admiration and fascination for  scholars and laymen  alike.That these ancient anonymous builders were possessors of  vast and advanced  knowledge  of geophysics,geography,astronomy, geography,engineering and architecture,there is little doubt about that..Sadly, much of the ancient  art of building construction has remained a mystery, thus making their architecture inimitable.Their imperishability after thousands of years has made them pieces of  endless wonder and envy for the moderns.


Ancient architecture, collective human intelligence, polite architecture, maximum utilisation of solar, lunar and stellar energies, ancient dwelling houses of Khasis and Jaintias of Meghalaya, megalithic temples of Malta and Dogon tribes of Mali.

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