Impact of work environment of nurses on patient safety outcome

Ali Waqas


Background: Nurses work environment have direct effect on the patient safety outcomes by influencing positive and negative way. Nurses in the poor work environment are more stressed than the nurses who are working in good working conditions. Nurse patient relationship also defined by the nurses work environment. Aim: to illustrate the patient safety outcome affected by the nurses work environment. Design: descriptive qualitative design was used to explore the facts and findings. Objectives: to assess the relationship between nurses work environment and patient safety outcome. To discuss the indicator that defines patient safety measures. Method: 110 nurses were asked questions and data was analyzed by using special analyses method. Descriptive study design was used to explore the effects of nurses work environment on the patient safety outcomes. Sample size was determined by using a formula. Self-administrative questioners were used that was analyzed by the SPSS version 16.Results: Results shows that patient safety  issues is directly proportional to the nurses work eminent by causing different positive and negative impacts on the  satisfaction level of the nurses that further effects work performance and then patient  care.


Work Environment, Patient safety outcome

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